How I Can Help

I work with individuals and organizations dedicated to achieving outstanding results with limited, and sometimes diminishing, resources. I customize my solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs by designing and implementing activities that fit your organizational model and workforce.

Critical to your success is having a talented, engaged, and productive workforce that communicates and works effectively with one another. I can help you bring your organization’s individuals together to create:

  • A shared understanding of what success looks like
  • An action plan with measurable outcomes
  • An ongoing evaluation process to keep you on track along the way

Custom Solutions for Your Organization

If any of the following scenarios are true for you or your organization, I can help you achieve results more effectively and efficiently –

Strategic Planning
“The corporate office just handed down the new strategic plan. I agree with the overarching goals and vision, but I don’t think my team is going to see how it relates to their daily tasks. How can I work with my team to translate the goals into measurable results that they can all support?”

Orient Your New Staff
“I want to make sure my new employees get up to speed and integrated into the team as quickly as possible. What can I do to ensure everyone joins in and helps them to develop the necessary relationships and gets access to important information?”

Develop Your Board
“I just joined the board of a non-profit organization and I’m questioning my decision. They seem to lack direction and not understand their roles and responsibilities. How can I help them get organized as a governing body?”

Better Communication
“My team is technically competent, but their work styles sometimes hinder their success. How can I help them communicate more effectively and recognize that diverse perspectives are an asset rather than an obstacle to their success?”

Develop Your Staff
“A number of my employees have great potential, but I don’t have enough time to dedicate to their professional development. How can I find out if they have what it takes for more responsibility and what can I do to support them?”

Mosaic Consulting can assist you in developing a customized solution to these and other situations facing your organization. For more information, contact Mosaic at 503-753-6435.

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